About us

Company Auto-Motor S.K. Ltd. was established in 1998. Our company specializes on international and
domestic freight transport. The company deals primarily with the carriage of cars, but also with the
transport of various goods from 0.1 to 24 tonnes. These services are carried out by SCANIA, VOLVO,
MERCEDES, IVECO and special LOHR / ROLFO kits. We are targeting the EU, the Baltic states, Balkan,
UKRAINE, MOLDOVA, RUSSIA markets. Our company is located near the state border with Ukraine in
Sobrance. We also provide storage space for motor vehicles with an area of 30,000 square meters and duty-
declaration services through our own payment guarantee or through our partners INTEGRAL COL
SERVIS. Last but not least, AUTO-MOTOR S.K. s.r.o operates a customs warehouse with an area of
25,000 square meters.